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I have been lucky to get the honour of building many different types of websites.

Graphic Designs

Creating graphics as a vector is a fun thing to do. I always use Adobe Illustrator to create vectors so every graphic I make will never lose its integrity, so whether it is 1 inch or 100 feet it will have the same great quality.


Creating custom vinyl decals has been a frequent request to me from people all over the place. The great thing about decals is they can be easily mailed to anyone looking for them so when I hear back from people I have never met just how happy they are with what has been designed for them it is a great feeling inside.


Thank you for taking the time to check out my portfolio and seeing some of the creations I have received the honour of making. 

“The design Sheena made was perfect for our FASD community. Sheena understands what I wanted and improved on it! I got so much great feedback, the design is loved. One woman in the states had the design put on T-shirts!”